October 28, 2007

Lab Tests

A year and half ago my mother-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer. Things have been a whirlwind since then. We have had hardly any time to spend with Yoda (our four year old Labrador).

While my wife Prabha tries to make it a point to take him for the evening walk (while I take care of the morning installment) we have not had enough quality time with Yoda for a while. The play time is almost non-existent, the 'fetch' games, the cuddle sessions... all sidelined.

But we have found one very strange behavior... every time my mother-in-law comes back from her chemotherapy Yoda makes it a point to lay near her bed. Being the 'tolerant' and strong person that she (my MIL) is, she rarely tells us about her pains... but Yoda's behavior is a sure give away. When he is spending more time at her feet we know that she is in some sort of discomfort, if not pain.
To confirm our doubts we usually ask the people from Lister Metropolis Lab to come over and take a complete blood count... and surely enough there is reason to worry...

For the last few weeks Yoda has been 'avoiding' my MIL... and surely enough the reports came back that her cancer is on the decline and she is getting better...

So, my advice my dear friends is, if you require a 24 hr health monitoring service, get yourself a good Lab(rador)

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