February 4, 2008

Dead End

I remember my dad telling me years ago - "What you read in a paper defines who you are..."

I asked him how and he said "When you wake up every morning and turn to the sports page... you are young; when you have time to read just the headlines... you are working hard; when you turn to the stock market pages... you are doing well; when you turn to the crossword section... you are retired; when you turn to the 0bituary... and see your friends there... you are old"

A couple of hours ago I felt really old... my cousin's husband passed away - he was just a few years older to me! This is probably the first death in our generation ... among first cousins!

I still remember the wedding (happened while I was still in college) Sirisha (my first cousin) and Madhav Prasad got married in the middle of a turbulent, curfew clamped week in Hyderabad.

Most of us did not know what to call him - Madhav or Prasad, or Bawa (Brother in law in telugu) or Jijaji/Jiju (in hindi) or whatever -
we just called him Clint Eastwood - he looked so handsome (hero-ish, hunky and what not) those days... and he was looking for a career in the movies anyway.

Not been too much in touch with the over the last 15 years but still all that came back to me today were these few thoughts.

May his soul rest in peace. And I hope Sirisha has the strength to take this.


Researcher said...

Hk ,I am tongue tied today but nice blog.I am sure Prasad bava would have liked what you wrote esp the Clint eastwood part.

Unknown said...

HK all of you .......thankyou for the wounderful words i know geetu is right ......sorry my heart is so heavy i cant go on

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Yes, I remember our 'gang' calling Madhav Clint Eastwood. I still can't believe this has happened to a young man. My heart goes out to Sissie...I would like to support her in handling this huge loss.