December 1, 2008

American Opportunity in Mumbai Terror

When I saw George Bush talking on TV the other day - after the Mumbai Terror Attacks - I was wondering if the poor man knew where Mumbai was on the map... or for that matter India ... but then I realised that he had been so active in the 'Indo US Civil Nuclear Deal' that he might just 'recall' where we were.... and how important we are to him... and his economy (USA and personal) .... for those who don't know the 'business side' of the Nuclear deal.... Google it!

Why did he send the FBI to India within hours/days of the tragedy?

They are just safeguarding their business interests... we are the only country that can save America from the financial doom... and as we all know the Americans make money when there is war... don't we all know the amount of money that George Bush and his 'team' made during the first few days of the Afghan and Iraq war... oil contracts... defence contracts.... what not... just Google it!

And as I watched the news today... that the FBI team was walking around the Tajmahal Hotel...'investigating' the damage and attending a 'presentation' by the 'Indian Authorities' about the intelligence reports etc... I noticed a small tickler at the bottom of my TV screen....Lockheed Martin had sold aircrafts to the NSG!

Agreed that the NSG requires better aircrafts and they need a 'fleet' on constant standby to make them more effective and all that... but this is absolutely ridiculous!

The Govt. of India is busy signing business deals even before it can get it's act together politically/administratively... sack the 'bloody' Maharashtra Govt. for their inaction... resign themselves and let the IAS/IPS and IFS run the country for a while...

That American move was absolutely quick... quicker than I expected... on one hand they are looking like they are 'sharing India's sorrow'... on the other hand... they are busy doing business... and in two days time "President George W. Bush is sending Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to India this week as a "further demonstration" of US solidarity with New Delhi in the wake of terror attacks in Mumbai..."

Now there will be a 'team' that will accompany her to do more 'terror-business' deals.... for sure!

P.S. Just as I sign off I Googled Lockheed Martin... and there is a news item dated 1st Dec 2008 that "Lockheed Martin is in discussions to supply upgraded P3 Orion surveillance aircraft to the Pakistani Navy, along with upgraded F-16 jets and C-130 transport planes to the Air Force" More

They are doing business on both sides of the terror spectrum... with Pakistan and India... Cheers to the American Spirit of finding opportunity in everything!


Prabha Koda said...

And how many of us 'common ppl' actually saw this tickler and understood this? On several occasions, I've noticed that we all need to 'get out of the media', in terms of try to read between the lines, realise for ourselves that the 'small' ticklers are actually more important than the 'breaking news' that keeps on coming, and things like that.
Yes, the media is the only major source of info v seem to have in these fast-paced days.. and do they know it! All the more reason I feel the need to 'shake myself' every once in a while to grasp the 'wholeness' of what is going on.
All these channels, just a day ago were subscribing to the movement of the people, cursing politicians and the need to publicise the bravery of the army, etc.
And look, today.. change how many ever news channels u want to.. what do u get.. all of them are mostly broadcasting the political situation in Maharashtra and the country.. repeatedly showing the taking over of this department from that and by which politician and which CM did what.
Helllooooo! Where's all the talk about moving away from giving importance to politics? why can't these news items be shown once and then be put as ticklers at the bottom? Its not even 24 hours and v're back to 'normal'.
Congratulations Indians for bouncing back!

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Fantastic post...truly an eye opener. I was fortunate not to have been able to watch TV during the terror attacks on Mumbai.