March 6, 2009

How to name a TV channel!

Recently they launched a TV channel by the name REAL... That was my wake up call!

The channel is co-promoted by Alva brothers (remember former congress MP Margret Alva's kids) who gave us such delightful shows as  'Living on the Edge' the environment show... really cool stuff... later in life they went on to make shows like Indian Idol... and others that are desi versions of  videsi  shows

Now... this prompted me to look at the content of the channel.... it is a GEC - General Entertainment Channel - in industry terms. What this means is that it will have its share of soaps and game/reality shows ... usual stuff.... but they will (and have) promised to make it different!

Then I flipped my remote to see what it really looked like... the shows are 100% Hindi... but the name of the TV channel is 100% English... unless they come up with some acronym like 'Raaste Ek Apnonke Liye' or something like that... believe me they will pay me royalty for thinking this up!

But this got me thinking and I looked at all the other Hindi channels we have.... and what they are called.. 

Hindi channels...

Zee - someone please tell them we call it Zed
(Zee) Next - should have been Zee Phir Se or Jyada Zee - same stuff - new channel
Sony - we know it is Japanese brand - but it could also be mistaken for a Punjabi pet name
MAX - what can  say... 
Sahara One - could well have been Sahara Ek - would have gone with their desi theme
Star Plus - I suppose Murdoch tried calling it Star Jodna... but the ad agency rejected it
9X - the network is full of XXXy names.... including a 'New Sex' channel

The latest entries.... 
Colours - launched at a time when people were talking about Rang de - missed the hint?
Real - a hindi channel .. really?

And this is true of the other regional channel too - look at Sun TV, Mega TV, Win TV

So can someone please explain to me how they name a channel?


Vasishta Dasika said...

he he.. good one harsha.. the only ones that are true to their name perhaps is Sanskar and Aashta??? lol

Unknown said...

very true.
on a slightly different note, Sun TV says it is all about Tamil and being Tamilian, etc but all their news readers and presenters wear shirt and tie or a suit.
For all the talk about being indian and indian cultural values, the attraction is in western habits and culture ( I use the word 'culture' in its broadest terms).

chef jacob said...

harsh it was really a nice one to think about the reasons...but i feel they name according to their astro reasons and beliefs..ex. sun tv ,moon tv etc, or they name according to the modern thoughts on channel history..ex. colours( basic colours of any tv broadcast is red, blue and green) or potential attitude based ex Z ( the last thing , say A-Z) or win tv ( shd have thot we will win viewrs heart)mega tv ( we are big ) like BIG FM.....its according to me