October 9, 2009

Obama's Award?

I wonder if it is correct to give a award/prize before someone does something...  

Can you give a sportsman the Gold Medal for what 'you (the jury) think' he will do at the Olympics? or can you give it to him because he 'says' he will run fastest? or do you give him the award because he 'actually did run' the fastest? Or is this some kind of trick... did the jury think "If we give him the Peace prize now... he will be under less pressure... he can get on with the peace process"
According to the media, Obama has given some "major speeches", "spoke forcefully," "scrapped Bush's proposal," and "helped get a strong United Nations resolution on nuclear nonproliferation."
So, logically... just any good orator can, should and will get the Nobel prize. I feel sorry for all those who have won it earlier... Mother Theresa could have sat at home and 'instructed' people how to walk in the gutters of calcutta... Amenesty International might as well have started a TV channel... so sad!

On top of all this the entire concept of PEACE is lost... feel sorry for people like Dalai Lama, Aung San Suu Kyi, and Mandela who have been talking about Non-violent protests... Dear Obama now has to increase troops in Afghanistan... Peace eh?

Either way... thank God it was Obama and not Bush!

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